Friday, January 15, 2010

Welcome ..... leave your pride at the door

Marcus fell into the line with the others of 3rd platoon.  A whirlwind of nerves, excitement and wonder filled his body.  His family wished for him to stay and care for the ranch but it was not him.  He longed for adventure and glory.  His country needed him and he felt it was his duty to defend her.

Sgt. Recco walked the line barking orders to the recruits as fast as his mouth would allow.  Unfortunately the recruits could not comprehend the orders as fast.  The resulting backlash was fast and swift physical punishment.  A volley of pushups, sit-ups and flutter kicks came at the recruits.  Marcus thought he was in shape but was proven wrong.

"UP!" barked Sgt Recco. The recruits jumped up from the flutter kick position.

"Recruits, this is judgement week.  Judgement week allows the drill sergeants to see which recruits have the right stuff for the positions we need to fill.  Combat arms and support roles will be filled by the completion of the 8th week.  Some of you may even be fortunate enough to steer a Mech on the field of battle.  You have 3 minutes to get into my barracks, find your rack and report to the front of the chow hall."

Recruits didn't move.  Sgt Recco looked at them in amazement.  "You now have 2 minutes and 30 seconds. MOVE IT !"

A blur of recruit fatigues and dust headed towards the barracks.